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This page provides information on equality data at QMUL. You will find both staff and student data by equality groups.

Core QMUL Equality Data

QMUL regularly reports the diversity of the workforce and student body to committee.  Equality Impact Assessments should consider the outcome of policy and practice and the production and consideration of the data below forms part of our ongoing commitment to embedding equality. 

Staff and Student Data 2012 - 2016 

Workforce Diversity Data

Workforce equality data 2012 - 2016 [.xlsx 207 KB]

Student Diversity Data

Student equality data 2012 - 2016 [.xlsx 160 KB]

Previous years' data

Student Diversity Data 2013 -2014

Student Annual Equality Report 2013-2014 [.xlsx 144 KB]

Student Diversity Data 2012 - 2013

Student Annual Equality report 2012-2013

Staff and Student Data 2011-2012

Workforce Diversity data

Diversity Profile of Queen Mary 2011-2012
Recruitment Analysis 2011-2012
Training and Development Analysis 2011-2012
Academic Promotion Review 2011-2012
Professorial Review 2011-2012

Student Diversity Data

Student Annual Equality report 2011-2012

Staff and Student Data 2010-2011

Workforce Diversity Data

Please note raw numbers have been removed when they were too small and would have resulted in individuals being identifiable. 
If you need this information in a different format, please contact

Equality Profile of Queen Mary 2010-2011Training Analysis 2010-2011Recruitment Analysis 2010-2011Academic Promotion 2010-2011 
To meet the Public Sector Equality Duty, Queen Mary needs to provide further data and information about how we meet our duty, we have designed an action plan to do so: Data gap analysis and action plan Jan 2012 Employment

Student Body Diversity Data

Please find all the student data by clicking on the link below:

Student Equality Survey 2011

Student equality survey report 2011 [DOC 364 KB]
Student survey questionnaire 2011 [PDF 379 KB]

Staff and Student Data 2009-2010

Workforce Diversity Data

Equality Profile of Queen Mary 2009-2010Recruitment Analysis 2009-2010Professorial Review 2009-2010Training Analysis 2009-2010Academic Promotion Review 2009-2010


Student Body Diversity Data

Please find all the student data by clicking on the link below:


Staff and Student Data 2008-2009

Staff Annual Equalities Report 2008-2009Student Annual Equalities Report 2008-2009


Workforce Diversity Data

Equality Staff Profile of Queen Mary 2008-2009Professorial Review 2008-2009Academic Promotion Review 2008-2009Recruitment Analysis 2008-2009Training and Development Analysis 2008-2009


Student Body Diversity Data

Student Cohort by Disability 2008-2009Student Cohort by Gender 2008-2009Student Cohort by Ethnicity 2008-2009Student Cohort by Age 2008-2009Student Attainment by Disability 2008-2009Student Attainment by Gender 2008-2009Student Attainment by Ethnicity 2008-2009Student Attainment by Age 2008-2009Student Withdrawal by Ethnicity 2008-2009NSS Results by Ethnicity 2008-2009NSS Results by Gender 2008-2009NSS Results by Disability 2008-2009

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