Appraisal and promotion

Information about the College's appraisal schemes is available on the Learning Institute website.

Annual Academic Promotions Review

The College has a formal career progress scheme that may result in promotion for Academic Staff. It also has a formal process by which it confers certain titles for such staff.

The annual Academic Review for Academic Staff is now open. Please click here for information on how to apply. 

Academic Probation

The College has a formal academic probation procedure.  The following documents contain the information on the process.

Lecturer's 3 Year Probation Form [DOC 548 KB]
Academic Probation One Year Form [DOC 408 KB]
Academic Probation Extension Form [DOC 397 KB]

Academic Staff Career Progress 

 For other staff, there is no formal promotion policy. However, increases in pay are dealt with under College policy on pay scales, job evaluation and recruitment. Thus:

  • Pay scales include increments to reward experience in, and contribution to, the job
  • Jobs whose duties change on a permanent basis can be re-evaluated
  • Staff can apply for vacancies in higher graded posts as these arise, and be considered in competition with other applicants.

See the pay, grades and benefits section for further information.