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Permanent Contracts

College policy is to employ people on appropriate contracts. This will be permanent unless a fixed-term, temporary or an as-and-when contract can be objectively justified.

The approval process for creating a permanent post is described, in full, on the HR Recruitment page.

You will need to:

  • make a robust business case (especially for new posts)
  • get approval at senior level:

–       from the relevant Vice-Principal (for academic departments in the College); or

–       from the Chief Administrative Officer (in Central Services departments); or

–       (for NHS and Hefce posts in the SMD) from the Institute Director, the Chief Operating Officer and the Institute/ General Manager; or

–       (for other posts in the SMD) from the Centre Lead/Grant Holder, the Chief Operating Officer and the Institute/ General Manager.

  • get approval from the Finance Department
  • recruit in accordance with the College’s HR Code of Practice on Recruitment which means (among other things):

–       writing or reviewing the job profile and person specification;

–       getting a job-evaluated grade for the job;

–       open advertising (with the approval of the HR Department);

–       convening an appropriate selection panel;

–       appointing on merit and keeping records that show that you have done so;

–       completing and submitting “equalities” monitoring information to the HR Department.

Only the HR Department is authorised to issue permanent contracts on behalf of the College.

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