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Fixed terms contracts

Code of Practice

Code of Practice on Reviewing Fixed-term Contracts [PDF 164 KB]

Interactive Process Diagram for Reviewing Fixed Term Contracts

Interactive Process Diagram - Fixed Term Contracts [new window]

Diagrams can be opened using a Firefox browser, but not Internet Explorer.

Key Concepts

Key Concepts: Reviewing Fixed-term Contracts [PDF 194 KB]


Request to End or Extend an Appointment

There is a form to be completed if there is a request to end or extend a fixed term contract appointment.  Your HR Advisor should be contacted for advice and assistance. 

Model Letters

Model letters for managers [DOC 158 KB]
Model letters for managers [PDF 67 KB]


Employee Guide

Employee Guide: Fixed Term Contract Review [PDF 52 KB]


Appeal Form

Employee appeal form [DOC 334 KB]


Policy on the Use of Fixed-Term Contracts

Policy on the use of fixed-term contracts (from Ordinance C2) [PDF 35 KB]
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