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Induction and probation


The Centre for Academic and Professional Development has developed a number of useful tools to help managers in the systematic induction of new employees and agency workers. Details can be found here.



The normal probation period is set out in your terms and conditions and is dependant on the role that you are carrying out. For those on professional, research, technical and support staff grades, the probation period is normally one year. For Chairs and Readers, the probation period is determined by the Principal on the advice of the relevant Vice-Principal at the time of appointment. Lecturers and senior lecturers who are new entrants into higher education will normally be on probation for three years.

Queen Mary’s probation procedure is set out in the 

Probation Code of Practice [PDF 101 KB]

There are also a number of forms designed to help staff and managers through the process. These include extensive guidance on the process to be followed, how to set probation objectives, the roles of participants, when an extension is appropriate, and so on.

Probation forms/documents for academic staff in S&E and SMD

Lecturer's 3 Year Probation Form [DOC 447 KB]
Academic Probation One Year Form [DOC 323 KB]
Academic Probation Extension Form [DOC 312 KB]


Probation Guidelines and 3 Year Form for H&SS Pilot 

Academic Probation - Guidelines - HSS Pilot
Academic Probation - 3 Year Form - HSS Pilot


Queen Mary Indicators of Teaching Excellence

Guidelines for Academic Contribution [.docx 91 KB]


Forms for professional, research, technical and support staff grades

Support Probation Assessment Form [DOC 288 KB]


Probation FAQs

Our FAQs deal with possible issues that may arise during the Probation period.

Interactive Process Diagram for Probation

Interactive Process Diagram - Probation [new window]

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