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Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Shared Parental Leave policies

Code of Practice on Maternity and Other Family Leave

The College has a Code of Practice which includes information for managers about a range of provisions:

Shared Parental Leave

Please read the documents below for advice and guidance on the new Shared Parental Leave scheme which was introduced in April 2015:

Shared Parental Leave and Pay - Guide for Employees and Managers
Shared Parental Leave and Pay - FAQs


Please see below all of the relevant forms should you wish to submit a request for Shared Parental Leave:

Form 1 - Notice to end Maternity or Adoption Leave
Form 2 - Notice of Entitlement and Intention to take Shared Parental Leave
Form 3 - Notice of a Period of Shared Parental Leave
Form 4 - Variation to a Period of Shared Parental Leave


Risk Assessment

If you are pregnant, you and your manager will need, early in the pregnancy, to review together:

  • the health and safety risk assessment for your work and workplace; and
  • how you may be affected while you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

The College has a form to help you do this:

Maternity Risk Assessment form [PDF 219 KB]

Employee Guides

In addition the College has produced an employee guide for staff on the following issues:

Employee Guide to Maternity Leave [PDF 178 KB]
Employee Guide to Adoption Leave [PDF 260 KB]
Employee Guide to Paternity Leave [PDF 114 KB]

Family Leave Addendum - Research Funded Positions 

Breastfeeding/Expressing Milk Statement

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