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Surname/ Forename / Initials

Surname/ Forename / Initials of employee


Sector in College e.g. Science and Engineering

Faculty or Institute

Faculty in College e.g. FACULTY OF NATURAL SCIENCES or an Institute e.g. INSTITUTE OF CANCER


The title by which employee is known e.g. MR, MRS, DR, PROF

Known As

The forename / first name by which you wish to be known.

Original Start Date

The first start date employee has on record at the College, even if they since left and rejoined again

Current Start Date

The College continuous start date of the employee at QM

Emp Post Start Date

The employee’s start date in a particular post

Emp Grade End Date

The employee’s grade start date – When they started on that grade

Grade Number Hist

The grade number / code e.g. 5ACA or C10P etc.

Grade Long Desc

The long description of the grade e.g. 5 ACADEMIC

Projected End Date

The end date of the fixed term contract an employee is on. This is often overrun or extended.

Emp End Date

The end date of the employee in the College

Post Number

The number/code of a single post in the College

Post LDesc

The free-text long description of a post e.g. HOUSING ADVISOR - CCRS


Full Time Equivalent - A measure of how much of a post an employee works. Full timers would be 1.00 whilst a part-timer may be 0.50 or 0.80 etc.

Location Ldesc

The long description of the location of the employee e.g. MILE END

Job Ldesc

The job is the type of post (not to be confused with post). This is a grouping of certain types of post e.g. ACADEMIC RELATED

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