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SECTION A: Please state the purpose of your report and what you wish see. It might help if you briefly explain what information you intend to get out of it as this will help us when putting the report together.
SECTION B: Please state what information you would like to see in the report e.g. Grade, location, post etc. Note that some sensitive data we cannot provide unless it is aggregated, such as ethnicity or other EO data.

SECTION C: Please state the date parameters of your report request (if these are applicable). If not please complete the "as at date" box. If you do not complete this field the report will be based on "today's date" (i.e. the date the report is run). Please note: Use the format dd/mm/yyyy

SECTION D: Please state the format you'd like the report to be in when it is sent to you. Please tick a box below and fill in the 'other' text box if appropriate.
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SECTION E: Please state an estimated date you'd like to receive the report requested. You must fill this in!
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