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Health and Welfare

Queen Mary seeks to develop a high level of safety and welfare provision for its employees, students and others and there is a substantial amount of information available to help promote the health of employees.

Workplace Options

QMUL funds a confidential employee assistance service, Workplace Options - WPO (formerly Employee Advisory Resource) to support employees and their families.  The service is telephone based and in addition to counselling offers an information and advice service on issues including finance and debt; the law and consumer rights; education, housing, health, childcare and family matters. This is an entirely confidential service and no personal information is released to QMUL.  For assistance call:

Health & Safety

QMUL seeks to create and maintain an environment in which all staff are valued and are encouraged to contribute towards the mission of QMUL. The University therefore seeks to develop a high level of safety and welfare provision for its employees, students and others that are affected by its activities.

Everyone at QMUL is responsible for their health and safety and, to varying extents, for the health and safety of colleagues and fellow employees. Senior staff with managerial responsibility will also have responsibility for ensuring that safe systems of work are in place and that these are both understood and implemented by staff in their department, institute or unit.

Staff should familiarise themselves with the QMUL Health and Safety Policy and should also be aware of the particular risks associated with their activities in QMUL.   Free eyesight tests are available for staff who use VDUs.

Training courses on good health and safety practice in both general and specialist areas are available from the  Health & Safety Department.

Occupational Health

The Occupational Health Service (OHS) provides advice to all levels of QMUL and works closely with Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry (SMD).  The Service is available to every member of staff at QMUL. 

The OHS consists of a small team of highly trained specialists, including: Occupational Health Advisers who are trained nurses with a special qualification or experience in Occupational Health; a part-time Consultant Occupational Health Physician; Reception/Administrative staff.

The team is managed by a Registered Specialist Occupational Health Nurse.  Occupational Health provides a confidential service and will not divulge anything about your health to a third party without express permission except in exceptional circumstances or where there is a legal requirement.  

Please visit our Occupational Health pages for further information.

Sickness Benefits

Employee Guide to Sickness Benefits [PDF 44KB]  


Misuse of Alcohol and other Drugs

Misuse of alcohol and other drugs by staff and students policy [PDF 22KB]  
Misuse of alcohol and other drugs (School of Medicine and Dentistry) [PDF 19KB] 


Prevention of HIV and other Blood Borne Infections

Policy on the Prevention of HIV and other Blood Borne Infections [PDF 22KB] 


College Policy on a Smoke-Free Environment

College Policy on a Smoke-Free Environment [PDF 38KB] 


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